Meri Saasu Maa: Maasab turns into ghost to haunt Shivpal

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Meri Saasu Maa: Pari (Hiba Nawab) and Sattu (Pearl V Puri) make Maasab a ghost to terrorize Shivpal to reveal the truth

Meri Saasu Maa is churning out some high intensity drama with Pari, Sattu and Maasab joining hands to expose the truth of Shivpal. In the latest track, it is seen that the threesome reach Bandhavgarh on the pretext of Sattu and Roop’s marriage and their real aim is to dig out the truth behind Shivpal and Bhavna Devi’s past.

Pari, Sattu and Maasa manage to find out that Shivpal had killed Bhavna Devi to get her heart transplanted into Purohit for money. Maasab also gets her hand on medical statements which prove Shivpal’s crime. However, a dramatic sequence takes place as Shivpal Shoots Maasa and she falls into a river.

Viewers and fans of the show may be worried for Maasa’s fate thinking that the woman would be dead. However, the upcoming episodes will show that Maasa will be very much alive and will get saved by Sattu and Pari.

Pari and Sattu will know about Shivpal’s plan to shoot Maasa and they will make her wear a bulletproof jacket. Sattu will recuse Maasa from the river saving her life.

This will bring about the beginning of another interesting and spicy track. News going around is that makers of Meri Saasu Maa want to bring about a ghost track where Maasa will turn into a ghost. Sattu and Pari will want Shivpal to confess his crime. Therefore, they will ask Maasa to pretend to be a ghost so that Shivpal can get scared and speak out about his past crimes.

Shivpal will think that Maasa is dead and therefore he will easily fall into the ghost trap and will be petrified of Maasa thinking she is a ghost. The ghost track will bring about some dramatic as well as comic moments for viewers.

Let’s wait and see whether the evil Shivpal finally gets caught with this new trick by Pari, Sattu and Maasa.

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