Tere Bin: Akshay’s parents to arrive and try to unite Akshay and Nandini

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Tere Bin: Akshay’s parents disprove of Akshay (Gaurav Khanna) and Vijaya’s (Shefali Shah) marriage and return to their lives

TV’s show Tere Bin is showcasing a mature family drama where three individual are involved in a peculiar love triangle. Akshay is disturbed after his college sweetheart Nandini’s re-entry in his life as his past love story comes flashing back to him which was long forgotten.

Akshay is leading a family life with a wife and daughter although he does not share a love bond with his partner. It has finally been revealed that Akshay married Vijaya as she had become pregnant carrying his friend Niles;’s child who later passed away. Akshay married Vijaya to save her self-respect in society but he sacrificed his own love affair with Nandini. Nandini does not know about the circumstances under which Vijaya and Akshay married and she thinks that Akshay betrayed her.

It will now be revealed that Akshay’s parents too were not happy with his decision to marry Vijaya. Akshay’s parents broke all ties with Akshay after he decided to marry Vijaya and therefore they live away from each other. However, Neeti will soon turn into a catalyst between Akshay and his parents and will help to bring back Akshay’s parents to the house. Actors Jaanvi Sangwan and Arup Paul will make an entry in Tere Bin playing the role of Akshay’s parents.

Akhsya’s parents will come to know that Akshay and Vijaya’s marriage is only namesake and the two of them do not share love amid them. Jaani Sangwan was last seen on the show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir. Akshay’s parents may try to unite Akshay and Nandini. Stay tuned for more interesting updates on Tere Bin.

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