Aarambh Latest News: Dravid Rajya loses its Queen & Aryans lose its most worthy Aryan

Jul 16, 2017

Aarambh Latest News: Devsena and Varundev lose their lives by each other’s hands, is this the aarambh of their epic love story

Aarambh the high voltage drama that gives us the inside of the lives of the Aryans and Dravidians has given us a lot to anticipate about. In the latest episode, the viewers see the grand Dwandh war between Varundev and Devsena where Varundev confesses his love for Devsena and asks her to use his sword to kill him if she feels the same for him. He believes that it will be an honor to be killed by your soulmate. In the end when they both confess their love for each other know that they are bound to their oaths so they kill each other with their swords and promise to reunite in their next life. The precap shows that the Aryans have taken over the Dravid Rajya and Hahuma curses Abrook saying that a woman Dravid warrior will ruin them. The viewers will eventually see Devsena as a very strong Princess with the same name and Varundev will also be seen with a very strong personality. They will eventually meet and their love story will again kick off with new challenges. The Dravid Rajya will be seen in a very bad state once it loses its rightful queen and Dayalini exploits the citizens of the kingdom. What do you think will happen to the Aryans and Dravid Rajya once they’ve lost their rulers? Comment us your views.

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