Are Swabhimaan co-stars Samridh Bawa & Ankita Sharma in love?

Sep 17, 2017

Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan fame Samridh Bawa and Ankita Sharma rumored to be caught kissing

A big news is coming in for the fans and followers of Colors' serial Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan which is related to the favorite TV actors Samridh Bawa who plays the role of Karan and actress Ankita Sharma who plays the role of Naina in Swabhimaan. As per the latest grapevine, Samridh Bawa and Ankita Sharma are seeing each other and are said to be in love with each other. As known to all, Karan and Naina is one of the most favorites on-screen couples of the television and are fondly known as NaiRan. Apparently, Samridh and Ankita are quite fond of each other on the Swabhimaan set and are inseparable. Previously, Sahil Uppal (Kunal) and Sangeita Chauhan (Meghna) also were said to be dating each other. Surprisingly, rumors suggest that Samridh and Ankita were caught on Swabhimaan set in an intimate position, which vehemently is denied by Samridh Bawa. As per the statement given by Samridh Bawa to a portal, he stated "This is not true. We are not dating. I don't know from where such gossip is making rounds. Yes, we have a cordial and good working relationship." Samridh Bawa also denied kissing Ankita Sharma on the Swabhimaan set and mentioned "Do you really think I am so immatureto do something of this sort. If I wanted to kiss a girl, I would do it in private. Moreover, I don't believe in keeping my personal life secretive. If I am in love, I will announce it to the world." Stay tuned in or more updates, news and gossip on the matter.

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