Badho Bahu: Komal carries Lucky in her arms and saves him from suicide

Nov 04, 2016


Badho Bahu: Komal (Rythasha Rathore) saves Lucky’s (Prince Narula) life in nick of time as he tries to hang himself

& TV’s Badho Bahu is soon going to showcase the big twist with Lucky planning to end his own life to avoid marrying Badho. Lucky is trying every possible trick to stop is wedding with Komal as he does not love her and instead loves Marjorie. Lucky thinks that Badho is fat and is not worth him and he will go to any possible lengths to stop the wedding. Lucky’s plan to elope from the house gets spoilt and therefore the to be groom will now look for a last resort to save himself from marrying Komal. Lucky will try to commit suicide and end his life as this is the only way left for him to escape this marriage. Amid the wedding celebrations, Lucky will tie a noose around his neck and will hang himself. However, Lucky will begin to choke and at this moment he will realize that he does not want to die. Lucky will scream out for help and Komal will reach there and will be shocked seeing him hanging from the ceiling. Lucky will ask Komal to do something quickly as he does not want to die. Komal will then use her strength once again and will carry Lucky and will help him to get out of the noose. Lucky’s life will be saved but he will not show any gratitude towards Komal. Raghubir will be furious at Lucky for trying to pull off such a dangerous stunt and will reprimand him in front of the whole family. Raghubir will also appreciate Komal for her efforts to save Lucky and he will ask Lucky to be happy that he is marrying such a girl. Will Lucky accept Komal as his bride after this incident? Will Komal realizes Lucky’s desperation to get out of this wedding? Stay tuned for more updates on Badho Bahu.badho-bahu-876




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