Badho Bahu: Komal heartbroken with news of Lucky and Marjorie running away

Nov 02, 2016

Badho Bahu: Lucky (Prince Narula) decides to run away from home with Marjorie to avoid marrying Komal (Rythasha Rathore)

Fans of Bdhoo Bahu are soon going to see an exciting track coming up with Lucky and Marjorie eloping from the house to get married. Lucky is helpless as his engagement forcefully takes place with Komal against his wishes. Komal does not pay heed to Lucky’s warnings and goes ahead with the engagement although he refuses for it. Lucky is heartbroken and dejected thinking that he has to marry the fat girl whom he dislikes do much. Lucky deeply loves Marjorie and only wants to marry her but how does not have the courage to tell this to her father. Komal too feels tensed and guilty as she does not know what fate holds for her. Although he is engaged to lucky, Komal feels insecure as she is not sure whether her marriage with Lucky will get completed or not. Komal is aware that Lucky does not like her at all and she wonders how she will be able to sustain the marriage. However, Lucky is sure that he will not marry Komal at all. In the upcoming episodes of the show it will be seen that Lucky will make a plan to run away from the house and get married to Marjorie away from his family. Lucky is determined to marry only Marjorie and does not care about his family’s self-respect being at stake. Lucky’s family will be tensed seeing that he has eloped and everyone will start searching for Lucky. Raghubir will feel dejected and will decide to tell the truth to Komal and her family. How will Komal react knowing that Lucky has run away before marriage? Will Lucky’s family be able to trace him down before he married Marjorie? Stay tuned or more updates on Badho Bahu.

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