Badho Bahu: Komal journey as Lucky’s bride starts on a bitter note

Nov 10, 2016

Badho Bahu: Komal (Rythasha Rathore) and Lucky (Prince Narula) complete the wedding rituals amid sadness and bitterness

The current track of & TV’s Badho Bahu shows that the turning point of the show takes place as finally, Lucky and Komal get married to each other. Lucky is marrying Komal against his wishes to keep the respect of his family and protect the promise that his father has given to Komal’s family. Lucky and Komal start off with the wedding rituals but Lucky is not at all interested as he can only think about his love for Marjorie. On one side, Rana and Pinki want to complete the wedding rituals soon as they are in a hurry to marry each other. On the other hand, Lucky takes his own time for each ritual as his heart and mind are in conflict. Komal notices Lucky’s displeasure and gets sad. Komal knows that Lucky does not   want to marry her but she too is helpless as she has to think about her family’s respect as well as Raghubir’s promise. Lucky takes all the vows to be a good husband towards Komal but he does not believe in any of the vows as internally he cannot accept Komal. Finally, Lucky and Komal take the wedding rounds and later Lucky puts the Sindoor on Komal’s forehead while all along, he is just thinking about Marjorie. It will now be seen that Komal will finally make her entry in Lucky’s house as his new bride. However, Komal’s journey will be full of difficulties as Lucky will not consider her as his wife. Lucky’s mother Malti will also not treat Komal with love and Komal will be sad seeing the hostility towards her. Malti will give her blessing to Lucky but will stop herself from blessing Komal as she still has bitterness towards her. Will Komal be able to win the love and respect of Ahlwat family? Stay tuned for more updates on & TV’s Badho Bahu.

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