Badho Bahu: Komal realizes Pinki’s love for Lucky and gets sad

Nov 29, 2016

Badho Bahu: Raghubir advices Komal (Rythasha Rathore) to win over Lucky’s (Prince Narula) heart to stop him from going away for 6 months

& TV’s fun filled dramatic show Badho Bahu will now show Komal trying to win over Lucky’s heart and stop him from going away for 6 months. Lucky wins the wrestling g competition against Rana and gets the opportunity to go to Chennai for 6 months for sports camp. However, the main reason why Lucky     wants to go is to stay away from Komal. Lucky hates Komal and he will do anything to be away from her. On the other hand, Komal just has sadness in her life as Lucky as well as Malti hate her. However, the one person who supports Komal unconditionally is Raghubir. Raghubir apologizes to Komal for not protecting her when she was getting punished in front of the whole village. Komal tells Raghubir that she will never be able to mend her relation with Lucky if he goes away to Chennai. Raghubir tells Komal that she will have to do something to stop Lucky from leaving. Raghubir tells Komal that Kamla and her husband’s wedding anniversary is coming up and she ill have to do something to impress the entire family. Komal will now plan to use this opportunity to win Lucky and everyone else’s heart. At the same time, Komal will also come to know the shocking truth that Pinki is in love with Lucky but got married to Rana after Payal convinced her for it. Will Komal have hatred in her heart for Pinki after knowing the truth. Will Komal be able to win over Ahlawat family in the anniversary track? Stay tuned for more updates on Badho Bahu.

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