Badho Bahu: Komal’s double trouble begins; Lucky and Rana in big fight

Nov 27, 2016

Badho Bahu: Komal (Rythasha Rathore) gets sad as Lucky (Prince Narula) wants to leave her to go for sports camp

The upcoming episodes of Badho Bahu will show Komal getting humiliated once again and this time her humiliation will happen in front of Jamunaji. Earlier, viewers had seen that Komal had to lose her respect in front of entire village as she was accused of helping Pradhan’s daughter to elope. Not only is Komal punished in front of the entire village, she also faces hatred and taunts in the Ahlawat house. Lucky blames Komal for ruining the respect of his family and his hatred for her increases even more. Later on, a new gets added as some people from sports camp come there to offer to take either Lucky or Rana for sports camp for 6 months. While Lucky wants to go the camp to stay away from Komal, Rana wishes to stay back as he wants to spend time with Pinki. Raghubir selects Lucky to go and both boys are happy with his decision. Lucky tells Komal to pack his bags as he is going away from her. Komal is sad hearing this and wonders what she will do 6 months being separated from her husband. Komal is not at all happy with Lucky’s decision to leave but Lucky completely disregards Komal’s feelings. On the other side, Pinki encourages Rana to go instead of Lucky and build his career as wrestler. It will now be seen that Rana and Lucky will have a fighting competition and the person who wins will go for sports camp. Lucky will fight hard in order to stay away from Komal while Rana will put in all efforts for Pnki’s happiness. On the other side, Komal will face another big embarrassment as Malti will take her back to Jamun’s house and will complain to Jamuna about her daughter ruining the respect of their family. Let’s wait and see how Komal faces the troubles lined up ahead of her. Stay tuned for more updates on Badho Bahu.

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