Badho Bahu: Komal’s grahpravesh ceremony turns inauspicious

Nov 14, 2016

Badho Bahu: Komal (Rythasha Rathore) faces negativity and hatred soon after she marries Lucky (Prince Narula)

The current track of & TV’s Badho Bahu shows that Komal and Lucky’s marriage finally takes place amid a lot of tension and drama. Lucky finally gets married to Komal just to fulfill his father’s wish but he is least interested in marrying Komal. Komal also knows that Lucky does not want to marry her and therefore she is in a big dilemma while performing all the wedding rituals. Finally, the wedding gets completed and Komal’s emotional Bidaai takes place. However, before Komal can reach Lucky’s house, Pragya decides to do something to spoil Komal’s grahpravesh ceremony. Pragya wants to seek revenge from Komal as she was insulted earlier because of Komal’s brother Vardaan. Pragya makes a mean and evil plan to place an empty kalash before Komal while she does the grahpravesh ritual. Prgaya’s plan is to spoil Komal’s entry into the house as she would be considered inauspicious. Komal is already dealing with Lucky and Malti’s hatred and very soon, she will also have to face the evilness of Pragya and Kamla after she enters the Ahlawat house. Will Komal be able to win over the love of the family and remove all the negativity surrounding her? Will Komal be able to make her place in Lucky’s heart? Stay tuned for more updates on Badho Bahu.

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