Badho Bahu latest news: Cute rain romance for Badho and Lucky

Jul 15, 2017

Badho Bahu latest news: Komal (Rythasha Rathore) and Lucky (Prince Narula) to dance and sing amid the rains

& TV’s show Badho Bahu will soon showcase some cute and heartwarming romance between Badho aka Komal and Lucky. Komal and Lucky will be seen romancing each other cutely amid the rain. However, before fans get excited about this sequence; let us clarify that this will just be a dream segment. Badho aka Komal will think about romancing her husband and she will go into her dream world where she will see herself and Lucky dancing and singing around in the rain. Komal will dream that she is wearing a beautiful orange and pink lehenga and Lucky is dressed in a baby pink shirt. Komal and Lucky will enjoy themselves in the rain, singing and dancing to popular Bollywood rain songs. Moreover, Lucky and Komal will sit down to drink a cup of tea and Lucky will make Komal drink the tea. Komal and Lucky’s romantic dream sequence will be a big treat for their fans. However, Komal will soon come out of her dream and will hope that her dream comes true and Lucky indeed falls in love with her. Komal has very little hopes to win Lucky’s heart but Chhoto Bua will be determined to make Lucky fall in love with Komal. As reported earlier, Chhoto Bua will take Komal to a salon for a makeover and Komal will return with a new look and shorter hair. However, Lucky will be shocked to see Komal’s short hair and will get furious rather than being happy. Let’s wait and see how Komal is able to win Lucky’s heart. Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Badho Bahu.,

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