Badho Bahu latest news: Rytasha Rathore not quitting, more details revealed

Mar 13, 2018

Badho Bahu latest news: Producer reveals Rytasha Rathore not quitting, more details exposed

Here is some latest update on Rytasha Rathore of Badho Bahu fame making an exit from the show. A few days back, there were reports about Rytasha being replaced by the makers of Bahdo Bahu and a new actress being introduced in her place. There were many reasons behind the producers taking this decision and one of them was Rytasha’s contract with the show coming to an end. However, the producer of Bado Bahu, Dipti Kalwani has revealed that Rytasha is not quitting the show as of now but has taken a break for her theatrical performances.

Producer talks about Rytasha’s tantrums

Producer revealed Dipti has clarified that the makers had indeed decided to replace Rytasha as the lead actress but the channel wants to retain her as of now. Moreover, Dipti has also spoken about Rytasha’s rumored tantrums saying that Rytasha has come from a very different background and therefore the television world is very different for her. Moreover, the Indian Premier League is about to begin very soon and therefore the channel does not want to make any big changes on the show as this could lead to a loss in viewership. However, Rytasha’s exit from the show may take place once IPL season gets over and there is a possibility that the makers may introduce a new character who will be a parallel lead. Stay tuned for more information and news on Badho Bahu.

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