Badho Bahu: Love-lost Komal gets sad knowing that Lucky will leave for 6 months

Nov 24, 2016

Badho Bahu: Komal (Rythasha Rathore) starts falling in love with Lucky (Prince Narula) after he saves her dignity in front of village

The upcoming episodes of & TV’s Badho Bahu will show separation time for Lucky and Komal. Komal starts having feelings for Lucky ever since he saves her dignity in front of the entire village. Komal gets accused of helping Pradhan’s daughter to elope with her boyfriend and Pradhan is furious. Pradhan brings the matter in front of the sarpanch and demands justice. Although Komal is not at fault, Pradhan demands Komal to be punished for her sin. Pradhan declares that Komal will have to walk without the veil throughout the village and apologies to him. Ahlawat family is shocked by this as it is a big loss of respect for them. However, before Komal can walk without her veil, Lucky steps in and places his hands over Komal like a veil. Lucky protects Komal’s dignity and she is filled with gratitude and respect for Lucky. Komal starts feelings love for Lucky seeing the way he protects her from being shamed in front of the village. However, after Komal finishes her punishment, she has to face disgrace from the Ahlawat family. Kamla and Malti make sure to taunt Komal in the most severe way and Komal feels deeply hurt. Komal thanks Lucky for saving her respect but Lucky retorts saying that he did it only for the respect of his family. Lucky harshly tells Komal that he does not care about her as whatever he did was for his family. Although Komal has started having feelings for Lucky, she is saddened to knows that Lucky hates her so much. It will now be seen that Lucky will get a big opportunity to go for a sports camp for 6 months. Lucky will be happy as he will get to stay away from Komal for so many months. However, Komal will feel sad as she has feelings for Lucky. Stay tuned for more updates on Badho Bahu.

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