Badho Bahu: Lucky agrees to marry Komal but cannot handle her heavy weight

Nov 08, 2016

Badho Bahu: Lucky (Prince Narula) sacrifices his wishes to marry Komal (Rythasha Rathore) and Komal knows that he is unhappy

The most interesting twist takes place in Badho Bahu as Lucky agrees to marry Komal after a lot of drama. Just before the wedding begins Komal reaches the wedding mandap but stops in her tracks as she does not want to enter the mandap before Lucky comes there. Komal is still heartbroken about the way Viren had abandoned her at the mandap and therefore she is cautious this time around. Raghubir goes to get Lucky but gets shocked when Lucky refuse to marry Komal. Lucky is adamant not to go through with the wedding and Raghubir is disheartened by his son’s decision. Raghubir emotionally tells Lucky that his decision will lead to their family losing their respect forever. Lucky’s selfish decision may also lead to Komal and her family members committing suicide out of shame. Finally, Raghubir shocks Lucky when he says that he too will commit suicide along with them as he will not be able to bear the burden of their disrespect. Raghubir emotionally puts his turban near Lucky’s feat and goes away as he realizes that Lucky will never change his decision. Raghubir returns to the wedding mandap and is about to announce Lucky’s decision. However, Lucky suddenly comes there and says that he is ready to marry Lucky. Lucky sacrifices his own wishes and agrees to marry Komal to save his family respect. Everyone is happy hearing Lucky’s decision and both families start proceeding for the wedding rituals. It will now be seen that a funny sequence will take place as Komal will be made to sit in a palanquin (doli) before the wedding and Lucky will have to bring her out of it. Lucky is tensed knowing that Lucky is very fat and her heavy weight will be a big concern for Lucky. Will Lucky be able to forget Komal’s appearance and accept her as his wife? Stay tuned for more updates on Badho Bahu.

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