Badho Bahu: Lucky runs away from home to escape marrying Komal

Oct 31, 2016

Badho Bahu: Lucky (Prince Narule) puts Komal (Rythasha Rathore) in big dilemma asking her to turn down alliance

The current track of Badho Bahu shows that Komal lands herself in a big dilemma as Lucky asks Badho to back out from the marriage. Ahlawat family reaches Komal’s house for the engagement and everyone is happy except for Lucky, Malta and Marjorie. Komal has started to like Lucky and feels shy seeing him. Lucky too keeps glancing at Komal’s room and Komal thinks that Lucky too has a soft corner for her. However, Lucky looks for Komal as he wants to confront her and end their alliance for good. Finally, Lucky manages to talk to Komal and tells her to meet Raghubir and back out from their alliance. Komal is shocked by Lucky’s words and refuses to do it but Lucky is adamant and asks Komal to end the alliance by hook or by crook. Lucky threatens Komal that he will end up doing something really bad if she does not end the alliance. Komal is in a big dilemmas she is scared of hurting Raghubirji by calling off the engagement and she is also scared that Lucky will take a wrong step if she does not back off. On the other hand, Pinki too is extremely unhappy about her alliance with Rana. Pinki sees Lucky and Marjorie together and thinks that there is some trouble brewing up and is sure that Lucky does not want to marry Komal. It will now be seen that Komal will be very tensed thinking about her big dilemma. Raghubir will notice Komal being tensed and will ask her to speak up. Komal will be tensed thinking how she will refuse to Raghubir. Furthermore, viewers will see a new twist as Lucky will try to run away from the house to escape the wedding. Will Lucky be able to escape marrying Komal? Stay tuned for more updates on Badho Bahu.

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