Badho Bahu: Lucky to ditch Komal last moment just like Viren

Nov 05, 2016


Badho Bahu: Raghubir broken down seeing Lucky (Prince Narula) behaving same way with Komal (Rythasha Rathore) as evil Viren did

The current track of & TV’s Badho Bahu is showing Lucky’s suicide attempt to stop his wedding with Komal by trying to commit suicide. Lucky thinks that he will do the suicide drama to scare his family and make them back off from the wedding alliance with Komal. However, viewers will soon get to see that Lucky’s life will be in danger as he will hang from the noose and begin to choke. Komal will reach there and she will rush towards Lucky and will save his life. Lucky’s life will be saved and Raghubir will be furious with Lucky for playing such a stunt. Lucky will be dejected seeing that his last attempt to back out from the wedding has also failed and he will be angry thinking that he has no other option remaining but to marry Komal. On the day of the wedding, another major drama will unfold. Komal will be ready for the wedding and will reach the mandap. However, Lucky will once again refuse for the wedding and will not be ready to enter the mandap. Raghubir will be emotionally broken seeing that his son is backing out from the wedding at the last moment. Raghubir will think that Lucky is doing the same thing with Komal what Viren did to her.  Komal knew all along that Lucky did not want to marry her but she will be shattered seeing that she is being rejected at the wedding mandap once again. How will Lucky get convinced to marry Komal? Stay tuned for more updates on Badho Bahu.

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