Badho Bahu: Lucky tortures Komal on wedding night making her scared

Nov 17, 2016


Badho Bahu: Komal (Rythasha Rathore) bears Lucky’s (Prince Narula) fury on suhaag raat as he asks her to be away from her forever

& TV’s fun filled romantic drama show Badho Bahu is soon going to change gears and showcase some highly tense moments. In the current track, viewers are getting to see Komal being extremely tensed about her suhaag raat with Lucky. Komal knows that Lucky does not like her at all and has got married to her only out of force. Lucky is quiet certain that her Suhaag Raat will not be sweet and romantic like Rana and Pinki and therefore she gets even more worried. It will now be seen that Komal will enter the room with a glass full of milk for Lucky. However, Lucky will ignore Komal and therefore she will drink all the milk herself. Komal will begin to approach Lucky not knowing what his reaction would be. Initially, Lucky will start to come closer to Komal and she will become nervous and jittery. However, Lucky will suddenly unleash his fury on Komal and will ask her to stay away from him. Lucky will blame Komal for wanting a suhaag raat and he will warn her that he will teach her a lesson which will make her suhaag rata quite memorable. Lucky will menacingly ask Komal to stay away from her and never try to come close to her. Komal will be shocked and scared as Lucky will grab her and shake her up while he asks her to remain away from him forever. Finally, Lucky will be tired and will fall unconscious on Komal’s legs while Komal is too scared and nervous to move from there. Komal’s suhaag Raat will be completely ruined and she will realize that Lucky is not at all ready to give her a wife’s place in his heart. Will Komal be able to win Lucky’s love and respect? Stay tuned for more updates on Badho Bahu.





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