Badho Bahu: Lucky’s mother refuses to accept Komal as daughter in law

Nov 20, 2016

Badho Bahu: Komal (Rythasha Rathore) tries to win Malti and Lucky’s (Prince Narula) love by cooking special meal for special guest

& TV’s show Badho Bahu will now show the beginning of Komal’s journey as the daughter on law of the Ahlawat family where she will have to face a lot of troubles and hardships. Komal knows that her marriage with Lucky has happened under strained condition and is well aware that Lucky does not like her much. However, Komal gets a big shock when lashes out at her on the wedding night. When Lucky and Komal are alone with one another, Lucky mistreats Komal and asks her to stay away from him. Lucky shakes up Komal ruthlessly and Komal ends up being extremely scared of Lucky. Komal realizes that she will only get Lucky’s hatred in this marriage and she is left heartbroken. However, it is not just Lucky who will give Komal a hard time as Lucky’s mother Malti too will make sure to break Komal’s heart. Malti will constantly compare Komal to Rana’s wife Pinki and she will feel hurt seeing that her only son had to marry such a fat and ugly girl. Malti will not be ready to accept Komal under any circumstances and will only have hatred for her. Malti will also warn Komal not to call her mother as she is not her mother in law. Malti will warn Komal to stay away from her as she has ruined her only son Lucky’s life. Komal will be hurt by Malti’s bitter words knowing well that she will only find hardships in the marriage. It will now be seen that Komal along with Pinki will have to cook food for a special guest. Komal will think of impressing everyone with her cooking skills. However, Komal’s enemies will once again try to ruin Komal’s efforts so that she faces only hatred and anger from everyone. Will Komal be able to complete her task properly and impress the special guest with her cooking? Stay tuned for more updates on Badho Bahu.

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