Badho Bahu: Regret and heartbreak for Komal as Lucky abandons her last moment

Nov 07, 2016


Badho Bahu: Lucky (Prince Narula) vanishes few moments before getting married to Komal (Rythasha Rathore) abandoning her like Viren

The upcoming episodes of Badho Bahu will show Komal facing the biggest disappointment once again as she will be left all alone at the wedding mandap one more time. Komal saves Lucky form killing himself by hanging from the noose and Lucky gets disappointed as his plan fails Lucky’s family reprimands him for being a coward and trying to kill himself. Raghubir asks Lucky to be grateful that Komal saved him at the nick of time. On the other hand, Marjorie is convinced that Lucky is better off being with Komal than with her. Marjorie sends a letter to Lucky and tells her that she is leaving from there for good and also urges Lucky to marry Komal. Marjorie is sure that Komal will love Lucky more than she can and wants Lucky to accept Komal as his wife. Marjorie also returns the ring which Lucky had gifted to her and Lucky is teary eyed realizing that the love of his life has left him forever. Later, Komal gets ready for the wedding and she is brought to the wedding mandap with her family members. However, Komal once again recalls the embarrassment of her previous wedding ceremony and stops just a few feet short of the mandap. Komal says that she will not enter the mandap till her groom comes there. Everyone realizes Komal’s fears and Raghubir immediately goes to bring Lucky. However, a shocking twist will take place as Raghubir comes back to the mandap without Lucky and his face is filled with regret and sorrow. Raghubir folds his hands in front of Komal and his family and apologizes to them as his son also abandons Komal just like Viren did. Will lucky come to the Mandap and compete his wedding with Komal? Stay tuned for more updates on Badho Bahu.

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