Beyhadh 28th December 2016 written episode update

Dec 27, 2016

Beyhadh (Behad) 28th December 2016 written episode written update starring Jennifer Winget, Kushal Tandon and Aneri Vajani

Ashwin comes to Arjun’s house and he says that he is Maya’s father. Ashwin talks about Maya and says that Arjun and Maya are a good match for each other. Saanjh and Vandana are shocked and upset hearing this. Ashwin says that Maya is perfect for Arjun but her only problem is her anger. Arjun enters at that time and gets furious seeing Ashwin. Arjun starts beating up Ashwin mercilessly and Vandana and Saanjh try to stop Arjun. Maya also comes there and Vandana asks Maya to stop Arjun from beating her father. However, Maya does not do anything and just looks on. Maya remembers all the past incidents of her childhood when Ashwin had tortured her. Maya gets happy seeing Arjun beating Ashwin and takes pleasure in it. Arjun trashes Ashwin with a stick and asks him to stay away from Maya. Saanjh questions Arjun for beating up Ashwin so badly. Arjun says that Ashwin is a very bad person and he deserved to be beaten up. Ashwin warns Maya that he will tell Arjun about her secret very soon and he will also show him proof of her craziness. Saanjh tells Arjun that he should have at least heard what Ashwin had to say before he beat him up. Saanjh asks Arjun whether he is hiding something from her. Arjun tells Saanjh that she does not know anything and so she should stay out of this matter. Saanjh is hurt by Arjun’s words and tells him that he is free to do anything as she is breaking up all ties with him. Maya and Arjun confront each other and Maya asks Arjun why he did not tell Saanjh about her past Arjun says that Maya shared her secret with him and therefore her secret will remain safe. Maya is worried thinking about Ashwin’s words and she thinks that Arjun should not know her secret at any cost. Maya tells Arjun that he has to leave for Mauritius the next day for a shoot.  Maya reaches home and tells her mother about how Arjun beat up Ashwin. Jhanvi asks Maya whether she told Arjun everything about her past. Maya says that she has asked Arjun to leave the country. Arjun tells his family about his Mauritius trip. Vandana asks Ayan to inform Saanjh about it but Arjun asks them not to tell Saanjh anything. Saanjh thinks about Arun so her brother asks Saanjh to forget Arjun. Saanjh is sure that Arjun would come the next day to apologize to her.

Precap: Before Arjun leaves for the airport, Ayan asks him to call Saanjh and say bye to her. Arjun tells Ayan and Vandana not to tell Saanjh anything. Ayan and Vandana throw stones in Saanjh’s house to wake her up and tell her to go to the airport to meet Arjun.

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