Beyhadh 4th January 2017 written episode update

Jan 03, 2017

Beyhadh (Behad) 4th January 2017 written episode written update starring Jennifer Winget, Kushal Tandon and Aneri Vajani

Arjun and Maya express their love to each other under water and Saanjh comes to the shore crying. Arjun and Maya come on the houseboat and Maya says that she had never expected this from him. Maya takes Arjun on the speed boat and Saanjh cries seeing this. Saanjh is completely shattered and sits on the houseboat screaming Arjun’s name in agony. Saanjh throws away the ring in anger which her father had given her for Arjun. Saanjh is sad thinking that she threw away her father’s ring. Saanjh thinks she has lost everything. Saanjh reaches the sea shore and cries uncontrollably thinking about Maya and Arjun’s proposal. Saanjh thinks about all of her and Arjun’s past moments and gets sad. Saanjh walks along the streets of Mauritius thinking how Arjun had denied that he loves Maya. Saanjh thinks that Arjun is not to be blamed as he did not know that she loves him However, Saanjh is angry with God for taking away Arjun from her. Maya and Arjun are near the Lord Ganesh Idol and Maya say that Lord is everything for her. Maya thanks Lord for giving her all the happiness. Arjun too prays to God thinking that he never believed in God but is now believing because of Maya. Maya tells Arjun that their happiness will never go now as they are together. Suddenly, a pandit says that they will not have happiness. Arjun and Maya get shocked to hear this. Pandit says that their lives are not meant to be together. Arjun asks Pandit why is he saying so. Pandit tells Arjun that he is meant to lead his life all alone. Maya asks Arjun to leave but Arjun shows the Pandit his palm and asks him to predict his future. Pandit says that he will have a lot of fame and success but money will be a big problem. Arjun tells Maya also to show her hand. Pandit sees Maya’s palm and says that whoever falls in love with her will have a disastrous life. Arjun asks the Pundit not to talk rubbish but pandit asks Arjun to leave Maya if he wants to save himself from destructions. Pandit tells Maya not to remove the darkness of her life using Arjun. Pandit warns Maya to leave Arjun. Maya is scared and cries and Arjun assures Maya that he will never leave her. Arjun tells Maya that they will pray to God together instead of listening to Pandit.  Arjun and Maya light a flame together in the pond and the flame crates a fire. Maya tells Arjun that she needs to compose herself and then she smirks. Maya asks Arjun to go ahead and she will join him. Saanjh is at the hotel and she tells the manager that she wants to check out soon. Saanjh sees Maya and Arjun coming from the other end and gets nervous. Saanjh tries to hide herself from them and picks her bags to leave. However, Arjun sees Saanjh and calls out to her. Arjun is surprised and hugs Saanjh. Maya looks at them angrily.

Precap: Saanjh goes to a temple and the priest says that the main pundit of the temple has died. Saanjh finds Maya’s earing outside the temple. Saanjh tells Arjun that the main pundit has died. Arjun tells Maya that they met the same pundit last night and now he has died. Maya looks on with a dangerous look on her face.

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