Beyhadh 9th January 2017 written episode update

Jan 08, 2017

Beyhadh (Behad) 9th January 2017 written episode written update starring Jennifer Winget, Kushal Tandon and Aneri Vajani

Arjun tells Vandana and Ayan that Maya is his love. Vandana and Ayan are completely shocked. Maya says that she will not enter the house without seeking blessings from mother. Vandana is tensed about Arjun and Maya and tells Ayan that she will speak to Arjun about Saanjh. Ayaan advices Vandana not to interfere in Arjun’s decisions. Maya enters the house and Vandana welcomes her.  Arjun jokingly tells Ayan to touch Mayas feet but Maya stops him and says that she wants to be his friend. Vandana asks about Saanjh and Arjun says that he has dropped her to her house. Maya says that she has to leave. Vandana asks Arjun about Saanjh. Maya hears this and gets jealous. Maya tells Vandana that this house is now hers too and she should get used to this. Vandana gets disappointed and rushes to Saanjh’s house to meet her. Vandana finds Saanjh crying and consoles her. Saanjh’s brother is angry and Vandana apologizes to them. Vandana says that she supports Saanjh. Maya and Arjun reach Maya’s house and they see the house decorated. Arjun asks Maya whether she has told Jhanvi about their relationship but Maya refuses. Maya is shocked to see Jhanvi in a bridal avtaar. Ashwin comes there and Maya gets scared. Arjun is about to attack Ashwin but Jhanvi comes ahead and says that she and Ashwin have taken marriage vows once again. Jhanvi assures Maya that Ashwin has changed. Jhanvi says that Ashwin has bought a cake for her. Ashwin walks towards Maya and Maya gets scared. Arjun holds Maya and re-assures her. Maya remembers all the past incidents of her father. Arjun tells Ashwin that he will not let her come near Maya. Jhanvi gets angry and tells Arjun to leave but Maya says that Arjun will not go anywhere. Arjun tells Ashwin to leave but Ashwin says that he wants Maya to forgive him. Maya becomes hysterical and points a knife towards Ashwin. Arjun is shocked seeing this.

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