Beyhadh: Ashwin tries to suffocate Maya to death & Arjun turns savior

Jan 11, 2017

Beyhadh: Arjun (Kushal Tandon) realizes Ashwin’s evil plans to get Maya (Jennifer Winget) killed

Sony TV’s Beyhadh will now showcase Ashwin’s repeated attempt to kill Maya. Ashwin has returned in Maya’s life and has some vicious plan against her. Ashwin purposely traps Jhanvi as he wants to trap Maya and get her killed. Because of Ashwin, Jhanvi jumps in the water and Maya jumps after her to save her. However, Maya does not know how to swim and she becomes unconscious and is rushed to the hospital. Arjun is tensed looking ta Maya’s condition and breaks down seeing her life in danger. Arjun starts having a doubt that Ashwin is responsible for all this although Ashwin does a big drama of being concerned for Maya. Arjun is extremely tensed for Maya and Saanjh too comes there to give him emotional support. However, Maya’s life will continue to be in danger as Ashwin will continue to plot and plan against her. While Maya is unconscious on the hospital bed, Ashwin will approach her with a pillow with an intention to suffocate her to death. However, just before Ashwin can do anything, Arjun will enter the room and Ashwin will change his plans. Will Arjun come to know about Ashwin’s plans to kill Maya? Stay tuned for more updates on Sony TVs Beyhadh.

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