Beyhadh latest news: Arjun to shoot at Maya just before time leap begins

Sep 17, 2017

Beyhadh latest news: Arjun (Kushal Tandon) furious with Maya’s (Jennifer Winget) threats to Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) and decides to kill her

Sony TV’s Beyhadh is all set to take a time leap very soon and viewers will get to see some interesting drama just before the leap takes place. In the current track of the show, viewers are seeing that Saanjh is already quite terrified of Maya and fears that Maya can attack her and Arjun at any moment. Maya was about to get killed but she gets saved and now she is determined to seek her revenge. Maya will call up Saanjh and will begin to threaten her again. Saanjh will be scared to hear Maya’s voice and she will beg her to spare Arjun. Saanjh will tell Maya not to harm Arjun as she too loves him. However, Maya will tell Saanjh that she has snatched away her love and Maya has been left with only hatred. Hearing Maay’s threats, Saanjh will lose her consciousness and will fall to the ground. Arjun will see Saanjh in an unconscious condition and will be furious with Maya for harassing Saanjh. Arjun will decide to take a final step to end Maya’s terror and he will take a gun and go to meet Maya. Arjun will point the gun at Maya and will threaten to kill her. However, Maya will mock Arjun and will also be happy to see that he has returned to her. Maya is not at all scared of Arjun and will challenge him to shoot her. Arjun will pull the trigger but will not shoot Maya and will spare her life. Arjun will walk away from Maya and this will lead to the time leap taking place on the show. Let’s wait and see whether Maya returns in Arjun’s life after the time leap. Stay tuned for latest news future story updates and spoilers on Beyhadh.

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