Beyhadh latest news:  Ashwin ads new fear in Maya’s life

Jan 09, 2017

Beyhadh latest news: Maya (Jennifer Winget) and Arjun’s (Kushal Tandon) new relationship happiness ends as Ashwin returns to Maya’s life

Sony TV’s Beyhadh has now moved to an interesting track where Ashwin has returned in Maya’s house. Maya is elated about her new relationship with Arjun but she gets a big shock when she returns home and sees Ashwin there. Maya’s mother Jhanvi informs Maya that she and Ashwin have reunited and have taken wedding vows again. Maya is disturbed to hear this and all her past fears return once again. Arjun realizes that Maya is disturbed with Ashwin’s return and he asks Ashwin to stay away from Maya. However, Jhanvi supports Ashwin and tries to convince Maya that she has changed. However, Maya cannot tolerate seeing Ashwin and raises a knife towards him. Ashwins return in Maya’s life will bring in new troubles for Maya. Maya will not want Ashwin to live in the house. However, Jhanvi is blinded by Ashwin’s love and will tell him that she will move in with him if Maya does not allow him to live in her house. Jhanvi will leave her house and evil Ashwin will lie to Maya that Jhanvi has gone to commit suicide. Maya will frantically begin to search for Jhanvi and will set out of search for her. How will Maya deal with Ashwin’s return in her life? Stay tuned for more updates on Sony TV’s Beyhadh.

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