Beyhadh latest news: Jailor tortures Maya severely for attempt to escape

Aug 22, 2017

Beyhadh latest news: Jailor harasses Maya (Jennifer Winget) and may blames Arjun (Kushal Tandon) and Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) for her troubles

The upcoming episodes of Sony TV’s show Beyhadh will showcase the harsh torture that Maya will have to go through in prison after she attempts to run away. Maya decides to play her smart evil tricks and escape from prison by doing a big drama. However, the jailor catches Maya before she can escape and throws her into an isolated and dark prison. The jailor warns Maya not to try to run away again or the she will make her life hell. The jailor realizes that Maya is intending to run away and therefore she decides to torture her in a severe way to teach Maya a lesson. The jailor drags Maya to the washing area and asks her to wash the clothes. Maya does not do the work and therefore the jailor gives her a tight slap and forces her to work. The jailor tells Maya that she knows how to deal with rich spilt brats like her and Maya gives a fitting answer back to the jailor. The jailor does not take Maya’s words kindly and continues to torture her. Maya can no longer bear the tortures of the jailor and therefore she will soon come up with another plan to run away from prison. Maya will blame Arjun and Saanjh for all her tortures and she will be more and more determined to seek revenge from them. How will Maya escape from prison and reach Arjun and Saanjh to take her revenge? Stay tuned for latest news and futures story updates on Beyhadh.

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