Beyhadh latest news: Saanjh kidnapped, Maya traps Arjun and kills Samay

Aug 03, 2017

Beyhadh latest news: Arjun (Kushal Tandon) trapped by Maya (Jennifer Winget) once again, Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) kidnapped by Maya’s goons

The upcoming twist of Sony TV’s show Beyhadh will showcase another shocking twist in the storyline as Maya will once again get the upper hand in the battle against Arjun. As reported earlier, Arjun will manage to captivate Maya as Samay will fool Maya by telling her that Saanjh has been killed. Arjun, Samay and Saanjh will join hands against Maya and Arjun will tie up Maya and trap her. Arjun will want to kill Maya but Saanjh stops him saying that Maya needs to be alive in order to prove Arjun’s innocence in court. While Arjun and Saanjh will think that they have finally trapped Maya, they will not be aware that Maya is much more sharp and cruel than they expected and will soon turn around the game completely. Maya’s goons will soon arrive there and will kidnap Saanjh and take her away. Moreover, Samay will get killed and the police will also arrive there. The police will accuse Arjun of killing Samay and will want to arrest him. However, Maya will tell the police that Samay had kidnapped her and therefore Arjun killed Samay to save Maya. Arjun will agree to this as Maya’s goons have kidnapped Saanjh and he knows that the goons will torture Saanjh if he does not follow Maya’s plan. Arjun will once again find himself stuck in Maya’s Maya-Jaal and he will want to save Saanjh at any cost. How will Arjun save Saanjh and expose Maya in front of cops? Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates of Beyhadh.

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