Beyhadh: Maya falls in death trap, Arjun reaches to save her

Jan 10, 2017

Beyhadh latest news: Ashwin traps Jhanvi and makes her jump in water and Maya (Jennifer Winget) jumps after her

Sony TV’s thrilling romantic show Beyhadh will soon showcase some high intensity drama with Maya jumping off a bridge to save her mother. Just as Maya gets happiness after Arjun enters her life, she is faced with another dreadful problem as her mother Jhanvi re-unites with Ashwin. Maya cannot tolerate Ashwin back in her life but Jhanvi is not ready to listen to Maya and is blinded by Ashwin’s love. Maya throws Ashwin out of the house and also locks up her mother in a room so that she does not take any irrational step. However, Jhanvi is determined to get back with Ashwin and calls him up. Jhanvi tell Ashwin that if Maya will not let them live together then they will die together. Evil Ashwin will make use of Jhanvi’s desperation to trap her and ruin Jhanvi and Maya’s life. It will now be seen that Jhanvi and Ashwin will reach a bridge and Jhanvi will want both of them to jump and die together. However, Ashwin will not jump and instead will push Jhanvi over the bridge. Maya will reach there and see Jhanvi falling in the water and will jump after her. However, Ashwin knows that Maya cannot swim and he will evilly think that Maya and Jhanvi will both not survive. How will Maya’s life get saved? Will Arjun reach there to rescue Maya? Stay tuned for more updates on Sony TV’s Beyhadh.

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