Beyhadh: Maya showers Arjun with luxuries in Mauritius to seek his love

Dec 29, 2016

Beyhadh: Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) is heartbroken seeing Maya (Jennifer Winget) and Arjun (Kushal Tandon) setting off on Mauritius trip together

Fans and viewers of Beyhadh will finally witness the beginning of an exciting track where Maya and Arjun will set off for an exotic work and pleasure trip to Mauritius. Maya wants Arjun to leave the country for some time to avoid her truth being revealed to him by Ashwin. Arjun reaches the airport excitedly to fly off to Mauritius but he is shocked to find Maya there too. Arjun gets too know that Maya too is accompanying him to Mauritius and he gets surprised. On the other hand, Saanjh comes to know that Arjun is leaving for Mauritius and she rushes to the airport to see him off. However, Saanjh witnesses Arjun along with Maya and she gets broken down thinking that Maya and Arjun are going together. Saanjh is shattered knowing that Arjun clearly prefers Maya over her and she leaves from there with a broken heart. On the other hand, Arjun is excited for his Mauritius trip and thinks of taking a selfie with Maya and sending it to Saanjh just to make her jealous. Maya wants to pamper Arjun and gives him all the luxurious and therefore gets his tickets booked in first class. Viewers will get to see that Maya will continue showering her luxuries on Arjun after they reach Mauritius. Maya will arrange for a sports car for Arjun and Arjun’s excitement will get doubled. Maya and Arjun’s Mauritius track will be filled with some major exciting moments as well as some sizzling romance between Maya and Arjun. Is Maya tries to make Arjun fall in love with her by gaining him all the luxuries? Is Arjun getting trapped in Maya’s love? Stay tuned for more updates on Sony TV’s Beyhadh.

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