Beyhadh: Maya’s smart attempt to avoid Arjun knowing her past secret

Dec 28, 2016

Beyhadh: Maya (Jennifer Winget) asks Arjun (Kushal Tandon) to leave for Mauritius, Arjun avoids telling Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) about it

Sony TV’s Beyhadh will now show the beginning of Arjun and Maya’s dramatic love story and this will mark the end of Arjun and Saanjh’s friendship. Arjun gets closer and closer to Maya but at the same time his friendship with Saanjh also gets strained. Arjun gives Maya all the credit for making him unite with Vandana and Saanjh is upset by this. However, Saanjh is more shocked when she sees Arjun thrashing up Maya’s father Ashwin. Saanjh realizes that Maya has become very important to for Arjun and she does not have any rights on Arjun anymore. On the other hand, Maya is happy about Arjun beating up Ashwin for her sake. However, Maya is also scared as Ashwin threatens to tell Arjun the past secret about Maya. Maya does not want Arjun to know about the secret at any cost. Therefore Maya makes a plan to send Arjun away from there for a few days so that Ashwin cannot meet Arjun and her secret will not be known to him. Maya tells Arjun that he will have to leave for Mauritius the next day itself for a shoot. It will now be seen that Arjun will leave for Mauritius but he will not tell Saanjh about it. Maya too will reach Mauritius and this will be the place where Arjun and Maya’s love story will finally begin in a dramatic way. Maya will try everything possible to stop Arjun from knowing the truth but it will be interesting to see how Arjun will react when he finally comes to know about Maya’s past secret Stay tuned for more updates.

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