Beyhadh: Psycho Maya kills pundit who warns Arjun to stay away from Maya

Jan 04, 2017

Beyhadh: Pundit warns Arjun (Kushal Tandon) to stay away from Maya (Jennifer Winget) as his life will be destroyed because of her

Sony TV’s Beyhadh will soon showcase the revelation of Maya’s craziness after the love confession between Arjun and Maya. Maya’s dreams finally get fulfilled as Arjun confesses his love to her in a dramatic way under water. Maya and Arjun are blissfully in love with each other and Maya takes Arjun to a temple to seek blessings from lord. Maya prays to Lord Ganesh and thinks that nothing can go wrong in her and Arjun’s life from now on. However, both Arjun and Maya get a bog jolt as a pundit tells them that three is big trouble for them ahead in this relationship. The pundit looks at Arjun’s hand and sees that he has a lot of fame and success in his destiny. However, when the Pundit sees Maya’s hand, he shockingly tells her that the one whom she loves will be destroyed. The pundit warns Arjun to stay away from Maya as he and his family will face major destruction because of her. Arjun and Maya both get shocked to hear this. Arjun assures Maya that he will never go away from her and neither is Arjun ready to believe the pundit’s words. However, Arjun does not realize that he is indeed heading for major trouble being in a relationship with Maya. It will now be seen that Arjun will come to know that the same Pundit has died the next day. Arjun will not realize that the reason for the pundit’s death is none other than Maya. Has Maya killed the Pundit? Is Maya a psycho who killed Pundit because of her obsessive love? Stay tuned for more updates on Sony TV’s Beyhadh.

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