Beyhadh: Will Ashwin tell Arjun about Maya’s major crime in childhood?

Dec 27, 2016

Beyhadh: Ashwin threatens Maya (Jennifer Winget) to tell Arjun (Kushal Tandon) about her dark secret from her childhood days

The upcoming episodes of Sony TV’s Beyhadh is set to get more and more interesting with Maya’s past secret getting known to Arjun very soon. Till now, viewers have seen that Maya has confessed to Arjun that she was tortured by her father Ashwin who only wanted money from her mother. Arjun comes to know that Maya had a troubled childhood and this makes him realizes that his step-mother Vandana only gave him love and care. Arjun and Vandana finally patch up with each other and Maya gets all the credit for it. Arjun thinks that he has come to know everything about Maya and her past but there is still a big secret about Maya which is hidden from him. The evil man Ashwin lands up at Arjun’s house as he wants to create some major trouble for Arjun and Maya. Arjun sees Ashwin and starts beating him up. Arjun takes Ashwin to the streets and beats him up with a stick and asks him to be away from Maya. Ashwin takes Arjun’s beating silently because he knows a big secret about Maya’s past which he will use against Maya. It will now be seen that Ashwin will threaten Maya to tell Arjun about her big secret and Maya gets scared. What is Maya’s past secret? Did she do some kind of crime in her childhood? Will Maya have the courage to tell Arjun about her past secret before Ashwin can do so? Stay tuned for more updates on Sony TV’s Beyhadh.

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