Bigg Boss 10: 8 pointers to help candidates get selected for BB 10

Jun 25, 2016

Bigg Boss season 10: Easy steps and pointers to help candidates to participate in upcoming season of Bigg Boss

The biggest reality show of India Bigg Boss 10 will be hitting the small screen in the next 3-4 months and the production team has already started the lookout for eligible contestants. The upcoming season of the show will be the most unique one so far as it will not be a celebrity only season as common people will also get a chance to participate on the show. In the finale episode of Bigg Boss 9 itself, host Salman Khan had made an announcement about the change in the format for the upcoming season.

The makers want the season 10 of the show to be the most dramatic and shocking as celebrities and common people go against one another to battle it out for the coveted trophy. The producers of the show have already started taking entries of candidates who are keen to participate on the show. The application process is quite easy where the candidate has to post in their personal detail and attach a 3-4 minute video about themselves. Our team of have complied a few pointers to help candidates make an apt video to grab attention of selectors.

1) The candidate has to introduces himself/herself and talks about their nature, strengths, weakness, habits and passions

2) The candidate should talk about why he/she thinks that the makers should select them over others

3) The candidate should talk about their unique qualities which sets him/her apart from others.

4) The Candidate should also give their opinion about how tough or easy it is to live in a house for hundred days being completely cut off from the outside world.

5) While shooting the video, the Candidate should be well dressed and look smart and appealing

6) The video should be shot in 70 percent Hindi

7) The video should be able to immediately catch the attention of the selectors and therefore it should be full of energy

8) The video quality should be high quality with good lighting and clear sound.

Candidate has to log into official website of Bigg Boss 10 to give in details and upload video.

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