Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami & Priyanka Jagga WON'T feature in BB10 Grand Finale

Jan 05, 2017

Bigg Boss 10 Latest News: Salman Khan demands to keep Priyanka Jagga and Om Swami away from Bigg Boss 10 Grand Finale

The current season of biggest controversial reality show of India aka Bigg Boss 10 has been proving one of the most controversial seasons of all time, thanks to the contestants like Priyanka Jagga and self proclaimed God Man Om Swami. Now one more major news is coming in for the fans and viewers of Bigg Boss 10 after forced acquittal of Om Swami from Bigg Boss 10 house. Apparently Priyanka Jagga and Om Swami will not be part of the Bigg Boss 10 Grand Finale. And this step has been taken by the word of none other than, Bigg Boss host Salman Khan. Apparently, Salman Khan has demanded that Priyanka Jagga and Om Swami should not be invited for the Grand Finale due to the nuisance created by both in the Bigg Boss 10 house. Priyanka Jagga and Om Swami's behavior stooped down to the lowest levels in the recent episodes, due to which Salman had personally asked Priyanka Jagga to leave Bigg Boss 10. Salman Khan has been taking Om Swami's case for his weird, Strange and problematic behavior time and again. However, Om Swami refrained to follow Salman's advice or warnings. Recently Om Swami disgusted and angered other housemates with his actions of spraying his pee on Bani J during Captaincy Task. This irked the housemates to the core. Hence the makers of Bigg Boss 10 asked Om Swami to leave the house. And when Om Swami refused to leave, Bigg Boss makers kicked Swami out with the help from Security Guards. In purview of this, Salman Khan has taken a strong stand that he would not tolerate contestants like Priyanka Jagga and Om Swami in the Grand Finale, and hence Priyanka and Om Swami will be out of BB 10 Grand Finale. What do you think of this decision by makers? Let us know in the comments below.  

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