Bigg Boss 10: Salman calls BB10 as fight amid rich v/s poor

Jun 25, 2016

Bigg Boss 10 News: Host Salman Khan terms Bigg Boss 10 as the season of fight between common man and celebrities, rich man versus poor man

Indian small screen’s most controversial and popular reality show Bigg Boss is soon coming up with its season 10. This year Bigg Boss 10 is going to introduce the most unique feature with bringing in common people as contestants along with celebrities. The norms and requirements for the interested candidates of Bigg Boss 10 have already been laid out.

Salman Khan has been the most popular television host and has been successfully managing the hosting position of Bigg Boss series. Every year there is excitement if Salman is going to host upcoming season of Bigg Boss. This year it has already been declared that Salman will be the host of this unique Bigg Boss 10.

Off late Salman Khan is much in news for his upcoming movie Sultan opposite Anushka Sharma. Salman Khan is currently busy with Sultan promotions and got in to controversy over his ‘Raped woman’ comment. As this mystery is settling down, Salman Khan may have attracted yet more controversy towards himself.

Recently when Salman was asked about Bigg Boss 10, he replied “This time Bigg Boss is going to be the most stressful season ever. Because it is going to be a combination of celebrities, film stars and commoners. It is going to be a fight between the rich man and the poor man.”

Apparently viewers and readers have not taken Salman’s comment of rich man and poor man lightly. Salman’s flat categorization of common man as poor man and celebrity as rich man may not go do down too well with people.

Apparently the entry procedure has already started off for Bigg Boss 10 for the individuals who wish to participate in this biggest reality show. Please check the following article for the rules and norms for the entry requisites in Bigg Boss 10

So what do you thinks of Salman’s comments of rich man v/s poor man? Do let us know in your comments below.

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