Bigg Boss 10: Salman Khan throws googly at Alia Bhatt for not coming along with SRK

Nov 19, 2016

Bigg Boss 10: Alia Bhatt joins Salman Khan to promote her film Dear Zindagi starring Shahrukh Khan

The upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss 10 will have the much loved superstar celebrity Alia Bhatt appearing in the show and she will add a good dose of excitement to the power packed weekend episode of the show. Alsi will join Salman Khan on stage and the two actors will be seen providing a good dose of entertainment to the episode. Viewers will get to see that as soon as Alia enters the show, Salman will throws her a googly by asking her that why her co-star from Dear Zindagi Shahrukh Khan has not come along with her to promote her film. Alia being a spunky and clever witted person will retort back to Salman saying that SRK could not be there as he wanted to avoid her PJ’s (Poor Jokes). However, Salman will not stop grilling Alia just yet as he will tell her that she did not bring Shahrukh along as she did not want him to steal all her lime light. Later, Alia will interact with the contestants of the Bigg Boss 10 house and will have a good time with them. Ali will also talk about her upcoming film Dear Zindagi and will give some scoop about her role in the film. However, Salman would be quite interested about Shahrukh’s character and will ask Alia about what he is called in the film. Alia will reveal that SRK’s character is called Jehangir but she calls him Jug. Talking about Jug, Alia will recall Salman’s song ‘Jug Ghoomiya’ from his film Sultan and she will ask the superstar to sing the song for her. Salman will sweetly oblige Alia and not only will he sing the song for her, he will also do the famous signature step from the song.  Stay tuned for more details and updates on Bigg Boss 10.

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