Bigg Boss 10: Shahrukh Khan to Join Salman Khan to promote Dear Zindagi

Nov 09, 2016

Bigg Boss 10: Shahrukh Khan to enter Bigg Boss along with Alia Bhatt to promote upcoming film Dear Zindagi

Here is some exciting news for all fans of Bigg Boss 10. The show is already creating a lot of waves because of all the drama happening inside the house and very spoon a special guest will be seen entering the show to add another big dose of entertainment. The previous season of Bigg Boss 9 is most remembered for being the first ever time that Shahrukh Khan came on the show to promote his film Dilwale. For years, Shahrukh Khan and host of Bigg Boss Salman Khan were reported to have a spat with one another and the two never came out top clarify their stance. However, Superstar SRK appeared on Bigg Boss last year and the two actors were seen joking around and also clarifying about their rumored spat. It seems that the two stars are all see to recreate the magic of the previous year as SRK is reported to make an entry in Bigg Boss once again. News coming around suggests that Shahrukh Khan will enter Bigg Boss 10 to promote his upcoming film Dear Zindagi and he will be accompanied by his co-star Alia Bhatt. This will definitely be a big treat for fans of Bigg Boss as the coming together of the two stars is sure to create some power packed entertainment.  Last years, Shahrukh’s appearance on Bigg Boss led to a lot of clarification and speculations amid the mass about their alleged fallout. However, this time around, viewers can expect that the two stars will only indulge in fun and masti with the sole purpose to entertain viewers. SRK’s appearance on Bigg Boss will be not only boost the chances of his film getting a good opening but it will also help to zoom up the TRP’s of Boss Boss 10? So are you guys excited to see SRK back on Bigg Boss 10? Do post in your comments and views.

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