Brahmarakshas: Aparajita attacks Rishabh, Raina tries to find new devil

Oct 20, 2016

brahmarak76Brahmarakshas: Aparajita hides new Brahmarakshas avatar after attacking Rishabh (Aham Sharma), Raina (Krystle Dsouza) hunts new Rakshas

The upcoming episodes of Brahmarakshas will show a dramatic twist as Rishabh will become the target for new Brahmarakshas Aparajita. Rishab will get badly wounded as Aparajita will attack him in her Brahmarakshas avatar. Along with Rishabh, his brother too will become the victim and will be badly wounded. However, the person who will be most worried after the incident will be Raina as she will be shattered seeing Rishabh’s condition. Raina will be hurt seeing Rishabh struggling between life and death and she will try every possible way to make Rishabh better. Raina will also be puzzled thinking about who is the new evil force who has caused injury to Rishabh. Raina thinks that the devil Brahmarakshas has been killed and is not able to understand the occurrence of the new evil force. However, Raina is not aware that Aparajita is the one who has turned into the new Rakshas. Aparajita smartly hides her new avatar from everyone and no one has doubt on her. Aparajita also comes to meet Rishabh in his wounded state so that no one can have a doubt on her. However, Aparjita suddenly feels her Brahmarakshas state overpowering her and she tries to escape as she does not want anyone to know about her reality. Will Raina be able to discover Aparajita’s Brahmarakshas avatar?  Stay tuned for more updates on Brahmarakshas.  

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