Brahmarakshas: Aparajita sacrifices married virgin Rakhi to kill Rakshas

Sep 29, 2016

Brahmarakshas: Raina (Krystle Dsouza) gets saved form Aparajita’s evil plan and Rakhi turns bait to kill Brahmarakshas

The current number one show Brahmarakshas has managed to grip the attention of viewers with its thrilling drama and very soon, viewers will get to see the dramatic end of the Rakshas. The plot ahead will showcase some interesting twists and turns which will bring a big surprise for viewers. In the upcoming episodes of the show it will be seen that evil woman Aparajita will discover a book which will have the secret of killing the Brahmarakshas. According to the book, Aparajita will need to sacrifice a married woman who is still a virgin. Aparajita will immediately think of using Raina to sacrifice her and kill Brahmarakshas. However, Aparajita will not be able to succeed in her plans as Raina will outsmart her and will get saved. This will bring about another twist as it will be revealed that Rishabh’s sister Rakhi is still alive and has not been killed by Brahmarakshas. After Rakhi’s return, viewers will also get to see Ajay back and Rishabh will think that he is Brahmarakshas. Rakhi will confide into Ajay about where she was all along and Ajay will try to help her. However, Aparajita will come up with another evil plan as she will decide to use Rakhi to sacrifice her and kill Brahmarakshas. Aparajita will use Rakhi as the unmarried virgin woman to trap Brahmarakshas and finally, she will succeed in killing him. However, with the death of Brahmarakshas, Rakhi will also get killed. The end of Brahmarakshas will bring relief for everyone as they will assume that the evil has finally got destroyed. However, Viewers will get to see the return of Brahmarakshas in a more deadly avtaar to seek his revenge. Stay tuned for more updates on Brahmarakshas.  

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