Brahmarakshas: Aparajita turns into the deadly new Brahmarakshas

Oct 02, 2016

Brahmarakshas: Aparajita turns more evil and becomes Rakshas unleashing her terror on Rishabh (Aham Sharma) and Raina (Krystle Dsouza)

Zee TV’s popular show Brahmarakshas will now bring about the biggest twist in the storyline of the show which will bring in some shocking moments for viewers. Recently, the end of Brahmarakshas has been showcased where Aparajita has killed him and this has brought about the exit of actor Parag Tyagi from the show who essayed the role of Rakshas. With Brahmarakshas dying, the show has suddenly become devoid of the main protagonist whose presence had created all the drama. Many viewers are wondering how the storyline will move forwards in the absence of Brahmarakshas but soon there will be a twist as a new Brahmarakshas is set to enter the show. You heard it right guys, there will be a new Rakshas soon and this time the Rakshas will not a big and mighty man but instead the role will be played by a petite woman. Wondering who will be the new Brahmarakshas? Well the latest reports suggest that none other than evil woman Aparajita will be seen as the new Brahmarakshas. After Aparajita’s truth is known to all, she will turn more evil and unleash her terror in Rishabh and Raina’s lives once again being the new Rakshas. The move to turn Aparajita into Brahmarakshas is being done on an experimental basis as the makers want to see whether the audience will accept someone else in the role other than Parag Tyagi. The exit of the original Brahmarakshas is expected to create a damper in the rating of the show since the evil character was quite liked by viewers. Actress Kishwer Merchant aka Aparajita has given a confirmation regarding this new twist saying that the upcoming track will showcase the preparation for her turning into rakshas. Stay tuned for more updates and news on your favorite show Brahmarakshas.

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