Brahmarakshas: Aparajita’s haunting look as Rakshas finally revealed

Oct 14, 2016

Brahmarakshas: Kishwer Merchant aka Aparajita sports unique look as the new Brahmarakshas

& TV’s show Brahmarakshas is soon going to start its new journey with Kishwer Merchant aka Aparajita playing the role of new Brahmarakshas. Just a while back there was news floating around that Aparajita would come face to face with some goons and all of a sudden, she would change into the Brahmarakshas avtaar and scare away the goons. Actress Kishwer Merchant had earlier made a statement saying that her version of Brahmarakshas will be completely new and unique and would be something which has never been done by anyone else before. There was wide amount of curiosity amid viewers to see what Kishwer would like in her Brahmarakshas avtaar and finally, her first look as the scary beast has been revealed. Aparajita will be seen with scary cracks on her face accompanied by horns popping out of her head and rough log hair. The lady who was earlier seen in designer sarees will now be seen in a scruffy looking skirt and a black top sticking to her torso. Aparajita’s look as Brahmarakshas is indeed scary as well as unique and will help to keep viewers on the edge of the seats with terrifying acts. Stay tuned for more interesting updates on Brahmarakshas and do post in your comments and views on Aparajita’s new look.

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