Brahmarakshas: Battle between good Rakshas and bad Rakshas begin

Nov 05, 2016

Brahmarakshas: Parag Tyagi returns to play good Brahmarakshas, Rishabh (Aham Sharma) and Raina (Krystle Dsouza) help him to fight against Aparajita

Viewers of Brahmarakshas are soon going to witness the great big fight between the good and the evil which will be marked by the return of the original Brahmarakshas. You heard it right guys. The original Brahmarakshas played by Parag Tyagi is soon going to make a re-entry on the show once again. Previously, viewers had seen that the evil Aparajita had killed Brahmarakshas with the help of Rishabh and Raina and everyone was happy thinking that the terror of Brahmarakshas has finally ended. However, Aprajita’s evil face finally got exposed to everyone and she got ousted from the house. With the original Brahmarakshas getting killed, the makers of the show introduced a new Brahmarakshas in the form of Aparjita. Aparajita turned into the female Brahmarakshas and unleashed her terror on everyone around. However, there is some exciting news for fans as very soon, the original Brahmarakshas will make an entry and he will be seen taking on Rakshas Aparajita. Original Brahmarakshas aka Sanjay Singh has an old enmity with Aparajita as she was the one who killed him mercilessly just after their wedding and this led him to turn into a Rakshas. Brahmarakshas will be back but surprisingly, his re-entry will bring about a big twist as he will no longer be evil. In fact, Brahmarakshas will now turn into a good character and will fight against the evil Aparajita. Viewers will see the face-off between good Brahmarakshas and bad Brahmarakshas and it will be interesting to see who wins this battle. With trouble brewing between Raina and Rishabh, viewers may soon get to see the two of them coming together to help the old Brahmarakshas to fight his battle against the evil. Stay tuned for more updates on Brahmarakshas.

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