Brahmarakshas: Bua Dadi to send Rishabh and Raina on Honeymoon

Oct 04, 2016

aparaBrahmarakshas: Bua Dadi’s efforts to bring Rishabh (Aham Sharma) and Raina (Krystle Dsouza) closer and spark romance

It has already been reported earlier that viewers of Brahmarakshas will soon witness the entry of a new character in the show played by actress Apara Mehta. Apara will play the role of Jasmin who will be Rishabh’s Bua Dadi. Bua Dadi will enter in Rishabh and Rani’s life to fill happiness and create some fun elements amid so much tension. Rishabh and his family will be shown moving to Bua Dadi’s house as their house is getting renovated. Bua Dadi’s spreads joy and happiness amid all family members and everyone instantly falls for her charm. Raina makes special Ras Malai sweets of Bua Dadi ans she gets impressed by Raina’s cooking skills. Bua Dadi will notice some distance between Raina and Rishabh and she will decide to bring them together. Bua Dadi will organize some fun and games and will make Rishabh and Rania have a dance competition. Later, Bua will make the couples play a game where they have to dance on piece of paper. Rishabh and Raina come closer to each other amid this dance and viewers get to see the intense drama between them. Towards the end of the game, Rishabh lifts up Raina in is arms and they win the game. Dadi Bua gives another surprise to Rishabh and Raina as she announces to send them on a honeymoon as a gift. Raina and Rishabh will get surprised with this announcement but will also be very happy. Let’s wait and see whether Dadi Bua is able to send Rishabh and Raina to the honeymoon or some new problem creeps up.

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