Brahmarakshas: Bunch of goons witness Aparajita turning into Rakshas

Oct 13, 2016

brahmarakshas-764 brahma97 brahmarak07Brahmarakshas: Aparajita (Kishwer Merchant) takes her form as the new Rakshas and goons get petrified

Zee TV’s thriller show Brahmarakshas has once again managed to grab the top spot in the TRP charts and the credit of the show goes to the amazing twists and turns in the storyline. Recently it was reported that the evil woman Aparajita would turn into the new Brahmarakshas of the show after the previous Rakshas was killed by her. Aparajita wants to seek revenge from Raina and Rishabh and has evil plans to harm them and their family. Aparajita employs a few goons to work for her but the goons betray her and Aparajita gets furious. However, the goons start misbehaving with Aparajita and she falls on the ground and begs them to spare her. However, the goons make fun of Aparajita and this makes her temper flare up. Finally Aparajita starts shivering and her fingers start to change their appearance as she begins to turn into Rakshas. Slowly Aparajita completely takes Avtaar of Rakshas and the goons get petrified seeing her. Aparajita will be seen trashing up the goons being the new evil force. On the other hand, the previous Brahmarakshas Sanjay Singh will also make a return and the two Rakshas will be seen battling with each other.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates on Zee TV’s show Brahmarakshas.

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