Brahmarakshas: Demons’s deadly attack on Aparajita for revenge

Sep 09, 2016

Brahmarakshas: Rishabh (Aham Sharma) tries to save Aparajita from Brahmarakshas but ends up being attacked.

The upcoming episodes of Zee TV’s top rated show Brahmarakshas will showcase the re-entry of Aparajita which will help to increase the drama quotient of the show. Aparajita played by Kishwer Merchant, is the original vamp of the show who had killed Sanjay Thakur after getting married to him. Sanjay was unable to bear the pain of betrayal and turned into Brahmarakshas and started terrorizing the people of Kamalpura. In the upcoming episodes of the show it will be seen that Aparajita aka Appu Maa will enter Rishabh’s family not knowing about the terror of Brahmarakshas. However, Brahmarakshas will see Aparajita and his terror will increase further more seeing the woman who killed him and betrayed him. Brahmarakshas has been waiting for many years to seek his revenge from Aparajita and he will become more demonic after her return. Aparajita will be shocked to see Brahmarakshas and will run from him. However, a dramatic scene will unfold where Brahmarakshas will catch hold of Aparajita and choke her .Brahmarakshas will also throw Aparajita off  the roof top but Rishabh and his family will save her by catching her in a cloth. Rishabh will be shocked seeing Brahmarakshas showering his terror on Aparajita and he will try to kill her with his gun.  However, Brahmarakshas will be unaffected by Rishabh’s gunshot and he will attack Rishabh too. Let’s wait and see how Rishabh and his family are able to deal with Brahmarakshas after he geos completely out of control. Stay tuned for more updates on Zee TV’s show Brahmarakshas.

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