Brahmarakshas: Double trouble with Aparajita and Sanjay being Rakshas

Oct 11, 2016

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Brahmarakshas: Aparajita returns with a veil and will turn Rakshas to destroy Rishabh (Aham Sharma) and Raina’s (Krystle Dsouza) family

Zee TV’s top show Brahmarakshas is soon going to showcase double dose of entertainment with the re-entry of Rakshas. You heard it right guys… the much loved Brahmarakshas is all set to make an entry once again as he was being dearly missed by ardent viewers of the show. A few weeks back, viewers witnessed Brahmarakshas getting killed by Aparajita and it was also speculated that the character of Brahmarakshas has come to an end. There was also news that Sanjay Singh aka Rakshas will make an exit from the show for good. However, the latest news coming around is that Brahmarakshas will soon make a re-entry and this time he will be stronger than ever. Brahmarakshas will want to seek his revenge from Aparajita as well as Rishabh and Raina. A while back, there were speculations about Aparajita turning into the new Brahmarakshas. The surprising news is that along with the original Brahmarakshas, Aparajita will also be another Brahmarakshas which means that there will be two evil forces on the show. The upcoming episodes will show that Aparajita will plan to take a re-entry in the house in a disguise of a tribal woman and her face will be covered in a veil. Although Aparajita will look stunningly beautiful in her new look, she will soon turn into the ugly Rakshas and plan to destroy happiness of Shrivastava family. Actress Kishwer Merchant has revealed that her Brahmarakshas look is very unique and it is something which has never been showcased so far on any TV shows. Kishwer has certainly raised the curiosity levels amid viewers with her statement and it will be interesting to see how she looks in her Brahmarakshas get-up. Stay tuned for more updates on Brahmarakshas.

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