Brahmarakshas: Mohini’s evil trick to stop Raina saving Rishabh’s life

Dec 07, 2016

Brahmarakshas latest news: Raina (Krystle Dsouza) gets special herb to save Rishabh (Aham Sharma) but Mohini throws her in deep pit

The upcoming episodes of Zee TV’s Brahmarakshas will showcase another big twist in the storyline with a major twist taking place. In the upcoming episodes of the show, viewers will get to see that Rishabh’s life will be in a big danger and he will hang between life and death in the hospital. Raina will want to save Rishabh at any cost and will seek help form Swamiji. Swamiji will tell Raina about a special herb which can be found in a tree and this herb will help Rishabh to get immortality. Raina is ready to go through any trouble to save Rishabh and therefore she enters into the special tree to find the herb. The tree turns out to be quite mysterious as Raina finds herself transported into a completely different world inside the tree. Raina goes through a lot of trouble to find the magical herb and finally gets it for Rishabh. However, evil Mohini and Brahmarakshas want the immortality herb from Raina and don’t want her to give it to Rishabh. Mohini plays an evil trick making Raina fall into a pit. Raina screams for help being in the pit but Mohini comes there with a mask on her face along with her son and starts off a big fire around the pit. Mohini wants to make sure that Raina is not able to come out of the pit so that she cannot take the herb to Rishabh. Mohini leaves from there but Shivam reaches to help Raina and he pulls her out of the pit. Raina tells Shivam that she has to take the herb to Rishabh at any cost so that he can get a second life. Will Raina be able to give the special herb to Rishabh or will Mohini and Brahmarakshas win over her? Stay tuned for more updates on Brahmarakshas.





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