Brahmarakshas: New enemy attacks Raina not wanting her to leave Rishabh

Nov 21, 2016

Brahmarakshas: Rishabh (Aham Sharma) gets baffled seeing mysterious attack of Raina (Krystle Dsouza)

The upcoming episodes of Zee TV’s Brahmarakshas will show a mysterious attack on Raina which will baffle everyone in Rishabh’s house. Raina visits Rishabh’s house and meets Rishabh’s mother Mohini. While Raina and Mohini are having a conversation, the chandelier above their head suddenly starts swaying and then it falls towards Raina. Mohini pushes Raina aside and saves her before the chandelier can fall on her. Rishabh rushes in there and is worried for Raina and Mohini. Rishabh, Raina and Mohini think that this must be Brahmarakshas’ trick to attack Raina. However, Rishabh recalls that he has put the Lotus flower, as well as Vibhuti near the door which will not allow the Brahmarakshas to enter. Rishabh and Raina immediately realize that this is someone else’s trick to make sure that Raina never leave the house. Rishabh and Raina will know that someone is plotting and planning against them and they have to find the real culprit. Brahmarakshas is out to attack Raina but Raina gets saved from him every time. Earlier, Raina was saved by the Swamiji who attacked Brahmarakshas with Trishul to save Raina. However, this time around, it seems that there is some other force beside Brahmarakshas who wants to harm Raina. Let’s wait and see whether Rishabh and Raina are able to expose the evil force. Stay tuned for more updates on Brahmarakshas.

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