Brahmarakshas powers locked up in Mohini’s bracelet; bracelet lost

Nov 27, 2016


Brahmarakshas latest news: Mohini and Raina (Krystle Dsouza) set out in search for lost bracelet while Brahmarakshas kills policeman

The upcoming episodes of Zee TV;’s thriller show Brahmarakshas will showcase Raina’s life just getting saved in the nick of time as she has another encounter with Brahmarakshas once again. Earlier it was reported that Brahmarakshas would be kidnapped and sold to a sheikh who wants to make his clones. Brahmarakshas will be kept in a jail by some scientist who wants to do scientific research on him.  Brahmarakshas will escape from the jail and will run away to spread his terror once again. However, the big revelation will be made soon that an evil woman has full control over Brahmarakshas’ power. The evil woman will be none other than Mohini who will control Brahmarakshas by capturing his powers in her bracelet. Brahmarakshas will spread his terror on village people as Mohini direct him to do so. However, Mohini’s bracelet will get lost and she will be tensed as that is the only way she can control Brahmarakshas. Mohini will set out in the jungle to search for her bracelet. Raina too will be on the lookout for the bracelet not knowing that it has evil powers. Two policemen will also reach there and will get a hold of the bracelet. However, Brahmarakshas will kill the policeman and will snatch the bracelet from him. Brahmarakshas will also approach Raina to strike her but Raina will escape his attack. Let’s wait and see whether Brahmarakshas is able to get out of Mohini’s control or not. Stay tuned for more updates on Brahmarakshas.

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