Brahmarakshas: Raina jealous as Rishabh dances sensually with Kiara

Nov 09, 2016


Brahmarakshas: Rishabh (Aham Sharma) and Raina (Krsytle Dsouza) jealous due to each other’s closeness with Kiara and Shivam respectively

The upcoming episodes of Zee TV’s thriller show Brahmarkashas will showcase some high intensity dramatic moments with jealously seeping into Rishabh and Raina’s lives. The two husband and wife Jodi love each other a lot but are torn apart due to misunderstandings and problems. Rishabh and Raina’s relationship will get spoilt further more with the entry of two people in their lives who will make the two further apart. In the upcoming episodes of the show viewers will get to see celebrations in the house where Rishabh will put up a dance along with Kiara. Rishabh and Kiara will romantically dance together and Raina will be heartbroken seeing them. Raina is hurt seeing Rishabh’s closeness to Kiara but she is not aware that Rishabh too is annoyed about Raina’s friendship with Shivam. Rishabh is angry about the fact that Raina supports and trusts Shivam so much and therefore he dances with Kiara just to make Raina jealous. However, Raina is not only jealous, she is also hurt seeing her beloved Rishabh blissfully dancing with his close friend Kiara. Raina gets so disturbed seeing Rishabh that she loses her balance and falls down hurting herself. Shivam will come to support Raina and help her get up whereas Rishabh will just look on helplessly at the two of them. Rishabh will be tensed knowing that Raina is in pain but he cannot do anything to help her. Amid the terror of Brahmarakshas, it seems that some heavy duty love problems are brewing up between Rishabh and Raina. Stay tuned for more update son Brahmarakshas.



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